The sanctuary that is my sewing room is often disrupted by my tendency to do too many things at once. I leave chaos in the place of the creative refuge I intended it to be. Amid my beloved machines, colorful fabrics, threads and a bookshelf of inspirational books and magazines, are the leftovers of projects, too much to throw away, too little to really use. Add to these, the boxes and bags of projects that for some reason didn’t work out as expected, the simple UFO. After 30 years of indulging in this prolific hobby, these ashes of my creative frenzy are stifling my ability to enjoy new endeavors.

What to do? How does one minimize the clutter when one can see the usefulness and potential in everything? How does one re-purpose space by saying farewell to stuff that will never realistically be used? How will I make a clean sweep of this situation and rebuild my space to allow space for the projects and inspirations of today?

These questions and more will hopefully find their way to this blog. I will find my way back to a comfortable sewing space with just the things I need. When I figure it out I’ll pass it along.



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