Beginning Quilting

When you first decide to learn to quilt, you probably ask yourself, “Why do quilters have their own language?” Here we hope we can begin to demystify the terms, tools and techniques commonly used by quilters worldwide. Hang on, it will get easier once you actually begin to sew!

Hand and Needle Techniques

Way, way, way back when we first started sewing, we thought we just couldn’t do it. Threads were knotting up, hand needles were hard to thread, stitches were uneven and messy…there had to be a better way. There is! Learn the tricks to make your hand sewing easier and more pleasurable.

Clothing Tips

Why sew clothing?  When we decide to sew clothing, it could be because we want a better fit or better quality clothes.  Why are some fabrics better than others for certain garments?  Quality fabric knowledge is essential to getting amazing results.  The rest is the use of the right tools to get professional looking results.

Machine Embroidery

Love of machine embroidery happens suddenly.  You don’t see it coming until, wham!  It hits.  Suddenly the next project is already being planned.  Free standing lace, in the hoop projects, custom lettering, quilting in the hoop – the list goes on.  We hope you will give it a try and see for yourself!