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It's been a rough couple of months for us, but we are coming back!  It will be in a different way.  We are taking it one step at a time, slowly.  Thank you for your concern and loyalty.


Here is what has happened...  Nancy posted this on July 9, 2020 to her Facebook page.  Feeling Thankful.

My first shower after Covid-19 selfie! Thank you to all my family and friends who helped me survive this terrible illness. As Ohioians are asked to wear masks to help prevent the spread , let me put a face on the outbreak.

As Abigayleís faithful followers, many of you have wondered why we suddenly went silent. The short answer, despite all attempts to remain at safe social distance, wear masks and isolate as much as possible, on June 17 I drove myself to the hospital barely able to breathe with Covid 19.

Turns out those measures wonít work unless we all do them. I wear my mask to protect you. An infected individual crossed my path, probably not wearing a mask, and simple as that, passed the virus to me.

At the time I arrived at the hospital, I had no fever. My Covid test came back negative. However, a CT scan of my chest revealed the ďbroken glassďappearance of CovidLung. The nightmare began.

I canít say enough about the kind, compassionate care I received from the amazing people in ICU at St John Westshore Hospital. Their Incredible dedication and unselfish commitment to helping me as I endured the ravages of the illness will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, never will my time in total isolation in the secured Covid wing of the hospital in a Reverse Pressure room. For over two weeks, I saw no one but fully masked shielded draped doctors and nurses. They monitored my breathing heartbeat and blood pressure with machines read from the nurses station. After a time I actually looked forward to the daily blood draws just because of the human contact. Iím not even kidding.

Because of our total commitment to safe distancing measures wearing masks and constant hand sanitizing, I did not unknowingly share the virus with Bev and the 10 other people that helped us move the shop from Berea to our new location in North Olmsted the week before.

It takes 10 days for symptoms to appear. I was almost certainly infected as we worked together. I never had a fever.

So I ask you, please wear a mask. This is not a political or human rights issue that some people have made it to be. Itís a horrible illness that has totally taken my strength to the extent that my goal today was to stand for 60 seconds. I am not strong enough to use a walker. I need a wheelchair. Iíll be in rehab for the next few weeks still in isolation.

Many will ask how they can help. The only thing you can do is wear a mask and encourage everyone you know to do the same. I am blessed that I will most likely fully recover. Many will not.

As of today, July 23, 2020, Nancy is home; still in isolation and still working with the physical therapists to get her strength back.


The health and safety of our customers is Abigayle's Quiltery's number-one priority.  In order to be proactive in attempting to reduce the potential spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, all classes and open store hours are cancelled until further notice.

Be safe, be smart and keep sewing.

Please contact us at shop@abigayles.com


The Service Department is up and running!! 

Bring in your machine for service!  Even if you are diligent about cleaning, oiling and keeping the machine in great working order, you can not clean the inside.  This picture is the inside of a machine after just 1 year of sewing.  This customer was VERY good about keeping the outside in perfect order.  Let us help you make your machine last longer and sew happier!



Abigayle's has THE BEST, most experienced service department in town.



Abigayle's Quiltery

Authorized Dealer of

 BERNINA, Elna, BERNINA Pro, Certified Janome Longarm Center, Necchi, Artistic, EverSewn and Bernette




All brand, on site repairs are available at Abigayle's. 

Our service technicians are factory trained and certified.  Our service department is available for cleaning, adjusting and repairing your sewing machines, sergers and sewing computers. We want to help you extend the life of your most precious machine!



Thereís Always Something New at Abigayleís! 

Abigayleís Quiltery

Authorized BERNINA, Elna, BERNINA Pro, Certified Janome Longarm Center, Necchi, Artistic, EverSewn & Bernette Dealer

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       Open for Mail Order Only Until Further Notice

email: shop@abigayles.com


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